The London Music Conference (LMC) Accelerator is an on and offline program designed to support the careers of music artists (Submitters) and provide resources to support independent record labels.
The processing of entries and communication with participants takes place through the London Music Conference web site and the London Music Conference community platform.

Subscription & Submission
To participate in the Accelerator it is a mandatory requirement that artists and labels join the LMC Community under a paid membership class as follows;
Artists - $US35.98 per year
Labels - $US41.98 per year
Membership costs are required to support the engagement of partners, provide prizes and performance opportunities for participants and to maintain the community platform.
Submissions to enter the Accelerator will not be processed from applicants who are not paid up community members.

Judging of recordings submitted to the Accelerator will be undertaken principally by LMC employees in cooperation with premium label partners. LMC reserves the right to keep secret and not disclose how judgments are made nor who was involved in the decision making process. Entrants participating in the Accelerator and submitting recordings to it acknowledge that LMC is under no obligation to justify or explain decisions made in relation to judgments nor to disclose the machinations of the review and decision making process for the selection of winners and participants.

Submitted Works
Recordings submitted by artists to the Accelerator must either be original or commissioned works to which the submitter(s) own all of the intellectual property rights and that also do not infringe the rights of any third party by making use of copyrighted material (including samples) in whole or in part. Recordings submitted by artists to the Accelerator must be completely available for exploitation (that is unreleased) with any samples used cleared or owned by the submitter(s) prior to submission, and available for release by any record label or other similar organisation anywhere in the world without limitation. By submitting works to the Accelerator, Submitters grant and guarantee to London Music Conference and Live Agency Ltd the sole and exclusive right to procure contracts for the release and publication of said work on behalf of the submitter via record labels associated with LMC. By submitting works to the Accelerator Submitters warrant that submitted works are available for release and publication by third party companies and that they are ready, willing, able and legally empowered to take all necessary actions to facilitate the release of said works by reputable record labels associated with LMC. By submitting works, Submitters agree to relinquish their right to engage third parties to release or procure releases of the submitted works until the 1st or April 2020. Immediately following this date all of the terms and conditions set out herein shall cease to take effect and any limitations on the Submitters ability to exploit the submitted work will cease. 

Use Of Biographical Copyright
Artists applying to the Accelerator grant to LMC the unlimited right to use their name, likeness, recordings, video clips and any other material assets and music published in connection with their artistic identity for promotional purposes at no cost and to publish any recordings released by them on the LMC website and social media channels solely for promotional purposes.

Terms For Release
Recordings submitted by artists to the Accelerator will be released by third party record labels based on a maximum three year globally exclusive license with a royalty of 25% of published price to distributor(s) (that is 25% of wholesale price) paid to the submitter (artist) under a contract that will be rendered by the record label releasing the recording(s). More favourable terms may be offered to artists however this will be at the discretion of the labels that release the recording(s). No advance(s) on royalties will be paid for recordings released by way of the Accelerator. 

No Participation
LMC will not levy commissions for the release of recordings upon artists or labels participating in the Accelerator, nor will LMC participate in or generate sales revenue from the release or exploitation of recordings submitted to the Accelerator.

By submitting recordings to the Accelerator, Submitters hold harmless and indemnify London Music Conference and Live Agency Ltd from any and all costs, suits, claims and damages arising from the release and publication of their recordings including any costs or claims arising from the breach of or use of any copyright owned by a third party constituted by or contained within recordings submitted to the Accelerator.

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